We are proud to announce the arrival of APMC2017, the 3rd most prestigious microwave conference in the world, to Kuala Lumpur this November.  It is organised by AP/MTT/EMC Joint Chapter Malaysia, hosted by the IEEE and MTT-S, and technically co-sponsored by EuMA and AP-S. The call for papers is waving in the air, and you are all invited! Lets not miss it!




Welcome to the IEEE AP/MTT/EMC (Antenna & Propagation / Microwave Theory & Technique / Electromagnetic Compatibility) Joint Chapter Malaysia official homepage.

The chapter was originally formed in 1997 as AP-S Malaysia, and later became AP/MTT/EMC Joint Chapter in 2001. The chapter started its activities by organizing several technical talks delivered by IEEE Distinguished Lecture Programmes (DLP) and conducted various technical visits to the industry. From a small chapter with less than 20 members, it has now grown in stature, with membership totaling more than a hundred, and is one of the most active IEEE chapters in Malaysia.

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